*Everybody has unique food likes and dislikes and dietary requirements.  No online grocery store can properly address these individual needs and nobody wants to plod through a list of thousands of grocery items! Want organic and/or local produce? Just ask!

*Your vacation is precious – start it off right!  Order your vacation groceries in advance with Your Kauai KISS Personal Shopper and relax – it’s all taken care of.  We’ll even make all the plans and pre-stock your Kauai vacation residence kitchen! Kauai KISS – Keeping Island Stays Simple!

*Kauai has many fine restaurants, to be sure, with equally fine restaurant prices.  It’s easy for a family to spend $500 a day or more eating out. Ouch!

*If you plan to drink alcohol while eating out, please don’t drive. Place an order with Kauai KISS, enjoy your favorite food and cocktail (or 3!) – at Kauai KISS prices rather than restaurant prices – and leave the driving to us.  Remember, there’s no grocery store mark-up – you just pay for shopping and delivery. It’s the smart and safe thing to do!

*Your Kauai KISS Personal Shopper is very discrete and professional, for those customers wishing to remain ‘below the radar’ while enjoying their retreat on the Garden Isle. Your Kauai KISS Personal Shopper works closely with property owners and managers to pre-stock your kitchen prior to your arrival, so as to not interrupt your quiet vacation enjoyment.

*Give Kauai KISS Personal Shopper and grocery delivery services as a special, thoughtful, unique gift!

*Great for vacation rental owners and managers – let your guests know about this great service before they get here.

*Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – we’re the ‘green’ delivery service, using fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles!

*For anybody challenged by the physical and /or logistical requirements of grocery shopping on Kauai, we are here for you, too.